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DBT Clinic is a UK based network of BiDBT trained practitioners who deliver Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), consultation and education to a broad range of clients, professionals and organisations. We offer a comprehensive psychological service to those seeking to enhance understanding, functioning, performance and practice.

Our approach is adherent to DBT principles and utilises a range of intervention modes underpinned by a strong scientific evidence base. The assessment and pre-treatment model we apply, facilitates us in being able to offer bespoke intervention packages that meet the individual needs of our clients and their systems in an effective manner.

We provide services across a range of contexts which to date include:

  • Healthcare
  • Business
  • Sport
  • Schools

Our Mission

The problem to be solved:

  • The increasing pressures of modern living and specifically the impact of this on vulnerable populations such as those suffering emerging and enduring mental health conditions.
  • The inequitable provision of appropriate and recommended treatments due to funding shortages.

The solution:

  • Equip people with the necessary understanding and skills to self-regulate resulting in increased resilience, improved functioning, mental wellness and reduced health care costs.

The vision:

  • Improve access to recommended psychological treatments in a timely and affordable manner, provided by practitioners recognised as experts in their field.
  • Through the use of both traditional therapy delivery methods and more recent technological developments, deliver high quality, adherent DBT treatment, supervision, consultation and training packages in line with guidance dictated by the appropriate regulatory bodies.

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DBT Clinic
DBT Clinic2 months ago
A fantastic short video for anyone struggling with the current situation, but particularly health and social care workers/ key workers.

Thank you Belfast Health and Social Care Trust ❤️

DBT Clinic
Belfast Health and Social Care Trust - Joy at Home
This is "Belfast Health and Social Care Trust - Joy at Home" by WILLIS Events & Marketing on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people…
DBT Clinic
DBT Clinic3 months ago
Be mindful of those around you. You never know truly how someone is feeling inside.

DBT Clinic
DBT Clinic5 months ago
Thank you to the Psychotherapy Academy for providing a great series of short videos on YouTube on all manner of things DBT ❤️

DBT Clinic
Targets & Goals of DBT
- Get more DBT videos here: http://bit.ly/2EkdYIi - Earn 5.25 CE credits with our course: "DBT in Practice: Mastering the Essentials". Instant access here: h...
DBT Clinic
DBT Clinic6 months ago
****Countdown to the 2019 SfDBT Conference: And we’re a wrap! It’s over for another year!****

In the run up to our 2019 SfDBT conference in Newcastle we shared daily top-tips from some of our SfDBT accredited therapists. Our final tip comes from the ever-fabulous Dr Christine Dunkley who delivered a note-perfect workshop on emotion regulation at the close of the conference.

Top-Tip Day Five: Your clients need their emotions (like the rest of us)!

What’s the best way to teach a client to regulate an emotion? To encourage him or her to problem-solve, to use the emotion to inform and motivate action towards building their life worth living goals. Has your client misstepped in a relationship that really matters to him and now feels guilty? Apologise, fix it. Does your client feel disgust at being around someone loudly espousing values completely at odds with hers? Move away. The thing is that our clients often show up with excesses or deficits in the emotions they experience - emotions that are either too strong or too weak for the situation, such as intense shame at a small but warranted rebuke, or feeling indifferent to being treated poorly by a close friend. So, when we coach a skill such as opposite-action, we are not teaching clients to eliminate their emotions - of course a client would be entirely justified to push-back if that was our intent! We’re teaching our clients how to up- or down-regulate emotions just to the level that fits-the-facts of the situation. For example, we might help a client to down-regulate intense shame to a mild-level of embarrassment so that he learns a little about how to ‘stay in the tribe’ without experiencing excruciating emotional pain in response to that rebuke. Or we might help a client up-regulate to some appropriate annoyance when she hasn’t been treated properly by someone who she cares about which might help motivate some corrective action. Otherwise, we risk being part of yet another experience where our clients learn there is something invalid about their emotions.
Interested in more info on becoming an accredited DBT therapist? Visit the SfDBT website here:
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